Biden for President

Building the infrastructure to create over 1,000 ads (during a pandemic).

How do you run a presidential campaign in the middle of a pandemic?

It's a great enough challenge to build an in-house ad team in one location, and was hard to even imagine accomplishing it remotely. But that's the problem that the Biden for President campaign faced in March 2020.

They had already assembled a headquarters and staffers of hundreds of people based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with Biden's entire paid and organic video operation in-house. At the time, their biggest worry was cybersecurity, and media servers were accessible only from the physical campaign headquarters.

But then, COVID-19 became a reality.

We are proud that we could play a role in helping Joe Biden become the 46th president of the United States.

Everyone scattered to apartments and spare bedrooms across the country.  How were they going to collaborate and get commercials and digital videos out on time?

We were honored that the Biden campaign chose us to help tackle these challenges.

It was a tall order. BFP (Biden for President) needed help processing, organizing, and distributing the massive amount of media used by editors all over the country. But they also had to have a system in place while production continued seven days a week.

GtP was able to process the daily-increasing amount of footage and put it all online so producers and editors across the country could have access.

"Rising" – Campaigns & Elections Magazine's 2021 Reed Award winner for Best Presidential TV Ad. Cut by Alexander Kalsey, the spot was one of hundreds of BFP ads on which we assisted with media management and distribution.

This solution required investment and creativity. It had to work, and failure was not an option.

By July 2020, we created a system, mixing off-the-shelf software, a dedicated server, and powerful computers to transcode BFP's massive volume of footage. The addition of cloud sharing services also helped get the job done.

"Barns for Biden" – cut by Rebecca Megyesi and featuring footage from remote crews across the rural midwest. The spot won the AAPC's 2021 Gold Pollie for Presidential TV advertising.

BFP editors now had virtually real-time collaboration capability.  Almost every day in the summer and fall of 2020, BFP sent field footage to our DC facility. We transcoded, backed up, and created smaller proxy files and distributed them through our fiber lines to editors and producers all over the country. Meanwhile, 3 dedicated GtP edit rooms were cutting ads for the campaign daily.

By November, GtP had scaled to 16 editors and six audio artists working for BFP and our other clients.

"Tell You" – One of over 70 testimonials produced by BFP with footage distributed through GtP's systems. Cut by Alexander Kalsey, it won the 2021 Campaigns & Elections Reed Award for Best Democratic :30 TV ad.

Through the hardships and monumental toll of the pandemic, 2020 also became a year of transformation and ground-breaking solutions.  We are proud that we could play a role in helping Joe Biden become the 46th president of the United States.


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